A deposit amount will be pre-authorised on your credit card at the time of rental pickup, but not debited from your account. This amount will be blocked on your credit card at pick-up time, or in case of Online Check-In, it will be blocked within 48 hours before the pick-up.

Deposit will be used for extra charges where applicable (e.g. fuel missing at return, extra-day rental, failure to return the car on the agreed day and time, police fines or tickets, or any scratches/hits that the car might suffer under your hire period etc.).

The deposit amount will be returned to your credit card in max 15 days after returning the car, under the conditions that none of the above circumstances has been faced.

Larnaka Airport and Paphos Airport Pickup or Return is an additional 25€ extra charge (Cash on Delivery)


Free cancellation – If the Hirer cancels the reservation at least 48 hours before the agreed time/date, a full refund is made.

If the Hirer cancels the reservation less than 48 hours of the agreed pick up time/date, a 2 days fee is charged according to the rental cost.

If the Hirer fails to pick up the vehicle on the agreed time & day (with 1 hour grace period) without a fair time warning the reservation is considered a “No show”, no refund is made.


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